Pure Water Window Cleaning


Pure Water Cleaning


We provide this service to Residential and Commercial properties.


We can provide this service in Spring, Summer and Fall.


Our system is simular to a home purification system for drinking water. Using a basic garden hose, we attach our three stage filter system on wheels. Attached to the filtration system, is 50 ft of 8mm hose, that is secured to a soft-bristle brush. The soft-bristle brush is attached to our expandable, carbon fibre pole, that can reach up to 40 ft for multi-floor cleaning.


Pure Water Cleaning, is now the industry standard for exterior window and surface cleaning. This amazing system allows our technicians to work from the ground, keeping them off ladders as much as possible. Once we scrub, and rinse your exterior windows, they will dry spot, and streak free.

To learn more about our amazing system, please watch this video…Pure Water Explained.